Ambition means a "strong desire for advancement." For guys, this usually means money, status, and sexual relationships. 

Unfortunately, guys who struggle with their weight usually don't feel good enough to get what we truly want. Our negative self-image limits the "who" and "what" we allow into our life.

Does that mean we need to be different somehow? No, because we are also whole, adequate, and complete beings just as we are today.

BUT, are we more likely to get the things we want if we are more fit & trim? Hell ya, because being overweight can limit our careers, romantic opportunities, sex life, and health.  

Then which of these points of view is correct then? 

The common thread in all of this is feeling that we need to be different than we are (thinner, more muscular, etc.) to be happy — then feeling shitty about ourselves when we fail. 

Learning how to live with these two opposites pulling at us is what this program section is about, and it will help you lose weight and succeed.


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