Why for "Guys?"

Is this for men only?

Why is it called "Guys" Lose Weight?

The first reason is my goal to create a safe place for men to feel supported in doing their work around weight and body image, which can be uncomfortable and leave us feeling vulnerable.

There's really no place to go as a guy to find an emotional connection with other men and learn you aren't alone in your struggles with your weight and this relatability means the end of isolation and shame.

I've been fortunate to experience many fantastic eating, weight loss, and body image groups with counseling over the years. All of them have been mostly female and all have been fantastic in their own ways. Given that it's mostly women is no surprise given the pressures and messaging in our society.

Fewer people realize there's a guy's version of this pressure but there's nothing out there geared toward fellas and it's desperately needed and that need is growing.

I'm here to fill that gap with at least one place that is comfortable and safe healing from what has been a very lonely struggle with weight loss for most of us.

That being said, everyone is welcome. Program materials are referenced using the male gender identity as a tool of recovery for men who eat compulsively, struggle with maintaining weight loss and have body image issues.

Our gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and faith are all aspects of who we are as individuals and all are truly welcome to join us at guyslosewieght.com

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