Our brains control emotions and feelings, which are regulated by chemicals called neurotransmitters. When we've struggled with overeating, these neurochemicals can get out of whack and work against us.

 • Dopamine gives us pleasure

 • Norepinephrine is adrenaline

  •Serotonin regulates our calm & sleep 

Some of our brain control is conscious, like moving the muscles in your arms and legs. Others are unconscious, like our heart & lungs expanding or contracting without even thinking about it.

The same goes for our emotions and feelings. Emotions happen automatically, and then we feel them. We can try to ignore our emotions, but they are still going to be there. It's our reaction to an emotion that determines whether we are making a conscious decision or not.

Choosing to take a new job after thinking about it is a conscious choice because we "feel" that it would be a good fit. (rational) Other emotional reactions are unconscious choices, like road-rage or snapping at someone we love (irrational-adrenaline). 

Understanding the difference between the two and how it's been affecting us is a must for sticking with any eating or exercise program.

This unconscious thinking is why Willpower is a myth. The false belief that making a tough choice or sacrifice now for something in the future is all we need to do. 

The reason is that we aren't capable of making a sensible choice in these moments. Instead, our brain chemistry is flooding our higher-thinking mind with neurotransmitters, like what happens with drugs and alcohol, and we're losing the ability for rational thought. Making good choices, or "willing" ourselves to do the right thing is impossible.

Food obsession is so difficult for people to understand, and they think it's easy to fix because it's not something they've struggled with. They'll say, "just eat better…. don't eat out out this way….eat less sugar...just do it!" 


I call this the "Could-You-Justs." I feel like saying, "Wow, never thought of that, thx!" So, in your life, you can just... don't drink... stop smoking... break up with him... break up with her... don't use anymore...stop betting sports... just say no to your mother-in-law. Not so simple anymore, is it? 

And the thing is, unlike substance abuse, we can't quit eating. You can live a fine and better life without drugs, alcohol, or gambling. But, with food, you have to learn how to manage your temptations but still "use" - eat.

An example of this obsession (addiction) with food is when even the anticipation of binging on some junk food at the 7-11 is so powerful (craving) that we smash a bunch of Twinkies, ignoring how we're going to feel crappy about ourselves afterward. (dopamine-irrational) This lack of "willpower" and irrational thinking is what this program section is about. 

You'll quickly identify negative behavior patterns caused by your conscious and unconscious eating choices and that you don't lack willpower.  

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