A relationship is "The way we talk, behave, and deal with each other."

Every day we deal with people in our lives personally, professionally, and intimately.

How we relate to others is influenced by our emotions and how we feel about ourselves. It determines the attention we give a relationship while defining how we treat others and how we let others treat us.

I know from experience that relationships and our feelings about them can affect your plan for eating, exercise, and your goals. It can be both positive or negative, based on someone else's action or of our own making. 

How we feel about ourselves influences our eating and using food as comfort for emotions triggered by a relationship is a frequent example.

The emotional discomfort of feeling we are too fat or not good enough in some way can also affect our behavior. People-pleasing, having difficulty saying no, and carrying hurt feelings about people are examples.

By better understanding our relationships with others, there's a positive shift in our eating behavior and self-esteem. Something valuable I'll teach you in this module is how to develop emotional connection.

Emotional Connection = People in your life you can trust with your emotions

and who trust you with their's.

Relationships affect your weight, and your weight can affect your relationships. But, remember, we can't control what others do, only what we do. We can't expect someone else to change unless we change ourselves first.  

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