Exercise and losing weight.

The dictionary says exercise is "to put into use: exert."

Notice, it doesn't say, you need to do it every day, or just once a week, or only in the morning, or never at night or that it must be with a fitness tracker or any of the other million ways you can put yourself physically into use and exert. And most importantly, it doesn't say that to exercise, you need to strain yourself. 

"No pain, no gain" is a great marketing slogan, but it's terrible advice, particularly for someone who is overweight. 

Pain = no gain. 

This is so important but very hard for people to accept because we're conditioned to believe we have to kill ourselves to see results.

If there's one thing you take from this video, please let it be that. Going too hard with exercise too soon is the surest way to fail. What is going too hard? You're too stiff to exercise again within 48 hours and preferably 24. You are pushing through pain of any kind while you're working out. It's arduous, and you hate it.

Think about what you liked to do as a kid and how you would bike for hours or climb trees all day because it was fun! Use that feeling as a starting point, and we'll translate it into an asset for your workouts. 

This exercise module will help you find that activity you can enjoy putting yourself into use physically and exert yourself in the ways you are able to. Nobody likes to do repetitive, arduous chores, so if you're a guy who wants to lose weight, this is your chance to get your exercise active working right!

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